Financial Domination

I offer two types of Financial Domination: Casual and Extreme. Casual findom includes: bill adoptions, reimbursement opportunities and live draining via Niteflirt. Extreme financial domination refers to a formal debt contract, though debt contracts manifested through RT games on Twitter can have smaller, more casual commitments.

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So What Is Financial Domination?

I’ve spent my life cultivating my abilities to control men through my beauty and assertion. For many professionals, including myself, Domination becomes a very natural and satisfying skill because it starts as a very intimate need: to empower ourselves through the experiences of submissives giving up their power. This need derives from many places but is often instilled early on in a woman’s life due to environmental circumstances or natural ability.

For example, an attractive young woman might learn at a young age that she is often viewed as a sexual object and an object of desire. The dominatrix then cultivates that power dynamic to turn it from an unhealthy symptom of society into a healthy, empowering and beneficial power exchange. So quite literally, “takes back” her bodily autonomy and objectification and turns it into a healing art of consent and female centered control fetish.

Financial Domination becomes the Domme’s specialty after either Need, Exposure, or Both. When Her attention is regularly requested in exchange for gifts and currency, the desire for more often grows into sexual gratification- this is exposure. Women still suffer from income inequality and other social justice inequalities in today’s society, which is what creates Need. Financial Domination is a form of both kink and social reparations, both of which are important elements.

The FinDomme (and often, FemDomme) has an intuited ability to not only rise above the economic challenges and power struggles of men in society, but to exploit those challenges for Her benefit. Being chosen to be in service to Her is a privilege and an honor, as you are not only enjoying her Attention but you are also providing a required socio-economical balance that the FemDomme believes all Women are owed. The Findom submissive gains emotional and sexual satisfaction by paying his dues and giving up all control to Her.

For myself, I have been sought after and desired by so many men my entire life that traditional means of dating, intimacy or romance bore me entirely. Only financial security, in the form of domination, can physically turn me on. The emotional feeling of security and control is so satisfying that that satisfaction becomes physical. I am turned on only by money- YOUR money.

There are multiple ways to satisfy my Findom kink and yours. Please read this page thoroughly before choosing between:

  • Casual Financial Servitude: Bill Adoption
  • Debt Contracts: Play games and win prizes* coming soon

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Casual Financial Servitude

1. BILL ADOPTIONS: I only allow ONE sub at a time to be selected for Bill Adoptions. In order to apply, you will first need to reach out to me on one of my approved, PAID online platforms (Subscription sites, Niteflirt or Sextpanther) and ask me for a Bill Adoption Application. In this application, you’ll answer basic questions about your income and commit to a 3, 6 or 12 month period. Further instructions will be provided to you. My Bill Subs are treated well, increasingly gaining access to me as each month goes by.

2. REIMBURSEMENTS: I often post findom reimbursement opportunities in multiple places. They are the only “free” posts visible to the public on my subscription sites (view: Online content) and I often post the opportunities on Twitter as well. These are often small purchases, such as skincare and drinks, and are a great way to get my attention and appeal to our kinks without breaking the bank.

3. Live Draining! This is the most intimate and satisfying option, as it requires no contract or scheduling and can be as casual or extreme as you think you can handle. My Financial Domination phone line on Niteflirt allows you to call me, hear my voice, talk with me live and experience me directly while your account drains at a rate of $6.66 per minute. I might ask you to send to my CashApp while we are talking if you can last more than 10 minutes. *My chat features is always ON, so if you are looking for my Findom Line but I am not available, you may send me a chat with a tribute to get me to come online. 75% of the time, I will be able to. Call me now and be slowly drained.

Debt Contracts

*Coming soon

  1. You will be assessed for your mental health and financial status via a Debt Contract Application which you will submit with a $30 application fee. This fee is meant to be a show of good faith, seriousness and capability it is not reflective of the amounts you’ll be responsible for. As your prospective new Financial Advisor, I will discuss with you realistic limitations and expectations.

2. If your application is accepted, we will have an Interview via webcam (Skype) or phone call (Sextpanther or Niteflirt) to discuss next steps. Interviews cost $75 per 30m meeting. We can have as many interviews as you’d like before the contract is signed via PDF. *If the interview cost causes you financial strain you may request a 10 minute interview for $40 and be prepared to explain yourself. Financial servitude can be customized for loyal submissives who prove themselves, as Findom is a kink first and foremost.

3. Things that may be considered to determine your contract balance: cock size, luck (spin game), twitter RT game, and other means. You will be required to provide to me your social media usernames on any findom or porn related websites.

4. We will agree upon a “Contract Buy Out,” amount so that if you have personal circumstances that require you to cancel your commitment to me, you can pay the full Buy Out Fee amount, provide a detailed explanation, and negotiate cancellation. If you fail to follow my instructions or fail to complete your contract requirements, you will be Blacklisted. Blacklisting means that you are permanently blocked on ALL websites and reported to an online Financial Domination Network. Returning to my service after Blacklisting means paying a Debt Collection Fee which is 3x the amount of your Buy Out Fee.

Are you ready to proceed? Find the Debt Contract Application here: