Realtime Sessions

Realtime Sessions, Service & Travel


I am open to cash meets under specific circumstances. Cash meets are NOT realtime sessions and you will not be allowed to stay and linger in my presence. Cash meets are limited to 5-10 minutes in a public setting for the purpose of you handing cash to me (no gifts unless purchased together). Options include ATMs, Cafes, Coffee Shops, Stores. You may make withdrawals in my presence or accompany me through an agreed upon store to pay for my purchases.

  • 20% Deposits are required. Cash meet minimums are $50-100+ depending on location and convenience.
  • Public humiliation IS available if requested ahead of time and a 50% deposit is made instead of the 20% standard. You will be allowed to tell me your boundaries and limits. This is brief and will only be provided while you hand me money.
  • We do not leave establishments together and you do not follow me. I do have private security within earshot at all times.

Are you ready to meet me? Send your 20% deposit ($10 minimum) via whichever online platform you’ll be using to make the arrangements with me. No discussion can be had without a deposit made. No Twitter or Snapchat discussions will be permitted.

Serving Me In Person

You must schedule a session with me through my scheduling & security company Love Birds Entertainment of Southern Maine. Sessions may be either 30, 60 or 90 minutes and require a minimum of 30 minutes of Interview time, which can be first or during. I am able to travel within 1-3 hours when a travel fee and deposit are made to Love Birds to cover my transportation. I DO NOT arrange sessions of any kind outside of this; my safety is my top priority. How to schedule:

  • Call or text Lilly or Jasmine at Love Birds at 207-773-3369
  • Request a session with Carmen, providing location and time for the appointment. Provide at least a 3 hour notice for local appointments or provide 24 hour notice for long distance appointments (this is flexible to a degree, but please respect my availability).
  • Explain in SHORT detail to my receptionist what you are requesting. I will need to know if this is a New Client appointment (includes 30m interview) or if you have seen me before. I will also need to know your Top 3 Kink requests. Note that I may or may not be able to consent to these requests but I will do my best to accommodate them.

    For example: “Hello Love Birds, my name is Bob and I am a new client. I would like to schedule a ProDomme session with Carmen for tomorrow at 8pm. My interests are: humiliation, keyholding and leather. Is she available at this time?” Please understand it may take 1-3 hours to hear back. You may re-send your message if you don’t hear back after 3 hours. Be respectful and brief when booking.
  • You will pay an hourly fee to book upon the start of the appointment and we will negotiate tip expectations for specific fetish requests. These fees cannot be quoted online; Love Birds will discuss hourly rates with you and I will determine my tip rates in person. You can expect to budget between $200 – $800 tips per session.
  • I also provide non-prodomme sessions if you are looking for entertainment for a party or casual social companionship. Contact Love Birds for more information. 2 hour notice is required.